Why Porticos

Plenty of firms offer New Product Development services.  Why work with Porticos instead of one of our competitors?

We are Reputable

Porticos has been in business for more than twenty years, and some of our client relationships go back almost that far. We have two decades of experience delivering excellence in Product Development on schedule and within budget.

We are Engineers

Porticos is managed and staffed by talented engineers with deep knowledge of the science and technology behind new product development. We prioritize function, making sure a product will be robust and cost-effective before we make it beautiful. After all, appearance is an ingredient, not a recipe.

We are Trusted

Some of the biggest and best-known companies in the world have turned to Porticos for Product Engineering. We are extremely proud that firms who vet their development partners continue to choose Porticos year after year.

We are Versatile

Porticos provides product engineering services that go beyond New Product Development. We are eager to help with any product-related needs: Failure Analysis, Design Review, Cost Engineering, Component Obsolescence, or whatever form of engineering consultation you require to succeed. We’re here to help.

We are Nimble

Porticos teams can “turn on a dime.” Sometimes a project scope changes dramatically without warning. As your partner, we’ll follow your lead and adjust our Project Plan to fit your business needs.

We are Responsive

Our clients’ success is our priority, and communication is key to success. We include our clients in every part of the process. And we return calls in hours, not days. Give us a try.

We are Judicious

Porticos engineers pride themselves on identifying the crux of a technical challenge and focusing on it early. We postpone work on the “easy stuff” until fundamental technical hurdles have been cleared. That mindset avoids wasted effort and leads to outcomes that are on time under budget. 

We are Available

Porticos is not some virtual company with “associates” spread all over the world.  Our engineers come to work at our headquarters in North Carolina, and work on physical products using tools and instruments.  We are eager to visit your facility as often as you need us to, and encourage you to visit our offices.

Work With Us.

We are a product development firm that values innovation, trust, community, teamwork, and experience. We provide end-to-end engineering solutions that drive results.

Connect with us below to learn more and get your product to market!