The Year in Numbers

Let’s celebrate 2023 with a look back at the year in one of our favorite formats: numbers.

The Porticos Year in Numbers
  • 66 distinct projects worked on by Porticos engineers.
  • 42 of those projects started this year. The balance were continuations from 2022.
  • 21 of those projects were for brand-new clients. Welcome to the club! We expect you to return, because…
  • 45 were repeat business; clients whom we have delighted in the past. Thank you for your patronage! We’ll keep taking good care of you.
  • 7 are Fortune 1000 companies. We love working with smaller clients too, but we are proud to have been selected, repeatedly, by corporations large enough to really vet their consultants. It’s nice to be trusted.

2024 is shaping up to be an even busier and more successful year. We hit the ground running on January 2nd. See you then!

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About Porticos


Porticos, Inc. is a Product Engineering and New Product Development firm located in Research Triangle Park, NC.

Established in 2003, Porticos produces innovative and effective solutions for their clients and the markets they serve. Porticos provides broad expertise in development, planning, and production. 

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