“Thank you, interns!” A Spotlight on Porticos’ Summer Engineering Interns

As Back-to-School supplies fill store shelves, Porticos prepares to say goodbye to three interns who will be returning to their academic careers after a summer of work with the engineering team.

Before the interns returned to their books and labs, their Porticos mentors took time to spotlight their impressive contributions in product design, prototyping, problem solving, and more.

Alex Papp

Intern Multitasker Extraordinaire

“Alex is the most entrepreneurial intern that we’ve ever had,” said Kevin. “He finds something important to work on with little direction, and does it in a way that benefits his colleagues. He’s an excellent communicator, and his grasp of the engineering sciences is stellar.”

Alex was in demand at Porticos this summer, often pulled onto two or three projects at the same time. He multitasked and prioritized, while keeping the focus on his main project – the design and prototyping of a wine storage device. In the fall, Alex returns to an intensive dual-degree program, including a combination bachelor’s and master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Washington University and a double-major bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering and Mathematics from Elon University.

“I enjoy working at Porticos because I get to pester a team of creative and intelligent engineers by asking way too many questions, which is not only allowed—it is encouraged,” said Alex. “I am fortunate to be able to shadow a group of well-rounded engineers who are able to view a product from the lens of each step of the process, and analyze the details from different viewpoints without losing sight of the overarching goal.”

Ryan Edwards

3-Time Porticos Intern

“Now finishing his third summer at Porticos, Ryan is simply part of the team,” said Porticos Partner and Chief Engineer Kevin Carpenter. “That is high praise: a rising senior functioning as a full-time, degreed R&D engineer.”

This summer, Ryan was largely responsible for the development of two different products, and the Porticos team hopes this is just the beginning of a lengthy portfolio. He’ll be sorely missed in the fall when he returns to NC State to complete the final year of his Mechanical Engineering degree.

“Porticos is unique in that the work I get to do is very similar to the work done by the full time engineers,” said Ryan. “I spend the week working on projects, creating models and drawings, interacting with professionals from other companies, and working through real engineering problems. After talking with my friends who have found internships with other companies, I have not found any other company that gives its interns this much experience and responsibility.”

Andrew Ahr

The Inaugural Summer Intern

“Andrew shows great potential and impressed everyone with his attitude and maturity,” said Greg Patterson. “We look forward to having Andrew join us again next year.”

Andrew, a rising sophomore at Villanova, joined Porticos’ intern program for the first time this summer. However his “newbie” status did not prevent him from providing valuable contributions to several projects under the guidance of Porticos’ senior engineers. He was involved in a variety of activities ranging from prototype build and assembly efforts in the workshop to creating dimensioned drawings. In the fall, Andrew continues his major studies in mechanical engineering with a minor in environmental science.

“While working at Porticos, I’ve most enjoyed watching employees solve problems,” Andrew said. “Porticos employees that I’ve worked with have impressed me with their unique creativity when tackling problems that arise during projects. I have loved shadowing them in the workplace and I have learned so much from it.”

Thank You, Interns!

Ryan, Alex, and Andrew made significant contributions to the Porticos team this summer. We appreciated the opportunity to work with them and wish them the best for their fall semesters.

To learn more about the projects that the Porticos engineering team has worked on, take a look at our portfolio.

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