• Clay Smith

    We are extremely pleased with every aspect of the platform prototype project and overall partnering experience with Porticos.  We look forward collaborating on future projects with Porticos.

    Clay Smith , ROM
  • Michael Koch

    When we brought Porticos in we were not meeting some of our critical EMI leakage requirements due to our mechanical packaging.  Porticos proposed and implemented design changes which allowed us to pass all of our regulatory tests on our first try.

    Michael Koch , SAMSys
  • Ken Gramley

    We wanted to brand our equipment with a design that will give it a secure look, while conveying attributes of high quality and reliability.  Porticos helped us achieve these objectives.

    Ken Gramley , Covelight Systems
  • Jim Sears

    Your engineering fixes were both novel and economical, plus they worked! All was done in a timely manner. Thanks for your significant contribution to the product design.

    Jim Sears , Integrian
  • ch-Kien Lao

    We had an existing mechanical enclosure design that could not meet the stringent vibration requirements that our customers were expecting. We turned to Porticos to help provide a solution. They were able to use software to simulate what the existing design and model the necessary changes that would pass the specification. Vibration is a tricky discipline, so Porticos saved us a lot of time and money from trial and error, prototyping, and testing. Their experience, mechanical expertise, and persistence helped us focus in on the necessary modifications to produce a better performing product for our customers.

    ch-Kien Lao , Integrian
  • Rob Sweeney

    Porticos  work inspired me to think beyond a traditional mindset and consider alternatives that have enhanced our project.

    Rob Sweeney , MessageQube
  • Rob Sweeney

    Porticos exceeded expectations by designing functionality that makes our new device even easier to use.

    Rob Sweeney , MessageQube
  • Rob Sweeney

    Working with Porticos has been both enlightening and inspiring

    Rob Sweeney , MessageQube