• Joe Zuech

    The level of service we get from Porticos is outstanding. I continue to be impressed by the level of commitment they demonstrate to all aspects of our relationship.

    Joe Zuech , Bell and Howell
  • Steve Legoff

    The MC 45 value tier should help us win customers in markets we couldn’t compete in before. The team has delivered a ground breaking product.

    Steve Legoff , Motorola Solutions
  • Conrad Geibel

    The innovation and level of support we have received has exceeded our expectations.

    Conrad Geibel , Iridium
  • Conrad Geibel

    We chose Porticos because of their experience in designing consumer, industrial and military wireless products and their reputation for providing superior customer service.

    Conrad Geibel , Iridium
  • Yang Zhang

    Our findings suggest that this novel cooling device would effectively attenuate heat strain and increase work productivity for personnel working in a hot and humid environment.

    Yang Zhang , University of Alabama
  • Astanovsky Michael

    Porticos really helped us to meet our design goals and aggressive project schedule.  Even though we were working in two different continents the Porticos effort was extremely effective with good cooperation and understanding between our organization and theirs.

    Astanovsky Michael , Motorola Israel
  • Joe Zuech

    Porticos brings a level of support and customer service to us that we had not been able to find previously.  Our relationship with Porticos gives us the ability to handle resource loading peak demands quickly and efficiently while also allowing us to capitalize on their broad experience base.

    Joe Zuech , Bowe Bell + Howell
  • Don Scott

    When designing the DVU-1000, an engineering solution was vital to ensure the unit could withstand extreme temperature, shock and vibration.  We were able to reach our environment goals and reduce our manufacturing costs.

    Don Scott , Raytheon / JPS
  • Michael Koch

    Porticos engineers were able to implement a specialized shielding solution to meet our requirements, as well as deliver an attractive finished design that conveys our brand identity.

    Michael Koch , Sirit
  • Jeff Harrison

    Porticos has the experience and expertise to handle many of the mechanical challenges we faced, which allowed us to focus on the electrochemical aspects of our patented Laminar Flow technology.  The Porticos team integrated well with the INI team to meet our aggressive goals for performance and schedule.

    Jeff Harrison , INI Power Systems