• Porticos hit it out of the park with the design of this product. The board applauded when the demonstration unit finished running. I can honestly say I have never been in a board meeting where the members applauded. Congratulations on a job well done.

    David Calderwood , AAD
  • Sensit Technologies The P100 is the perfect addition to our gas-sensor family. It’s our first wearable product; the smallest and, by far, the most robust. Porticos engineers really did turn our ideas into a great product.

    Scott Kleppe , Sensit Technologies
  • Porticos met and overcame a variety of challenges during the design of our new wireless device with a unique blend of experience, creativity and rational thought; responding with ideas that frankly amazed me.

    Rob Sweeney , MessageQube
  • Porticos was selected based on their strong track record and experience in delivering quality mechanical solutions for high-tech products like mobile phones. They have a history of delivering designs that meet our stringent performance requirements without compromising the look, shape, or feel of the phone

    Mark Weadon , Sony Ericsson
  • The projects we worked on were a couple of the most challenging I've ever been a part of for many reasons, but I enjoyed working with you and your group, which are some of the most professional and talented people I have ever collaborated with.

    Dan Notarnicola , President and CEO of Quality Components & Services, LLC.
  • Your engineer did a great job and was easy to communicate our requirements to.

    Tecan US
  • Porticos engineers have seamlessly integrated into our projects, regardless of the complexity or duration and consistently added value. It has been a pleasure working with the Porticos owners - their flexibility and attention to details on staffing solutions is key to continued success.

    David McCutcheon , Industrial Design & Mechanical Engineering Manager, Plexus
  • Porticos Team is very professional , well organized and very knowledgeable. It is always a pleasure working with them!

    Azur Dzindo , Innovation Manager, Pentair
  • I really appreciate the work that Lewis and the Porticos team did to help us get our first product from concept to workable system. We were pushing the boundaries of several materials and processes to bring together a unique medical device. They helped solve several of our challenges with the product and recommended some great manufacturers for critical components. I would definitely recommend them for both startups and established product development companies.

    Michael Lay , Director of Design & Development, PhotonMD
  • While collaborating on a development project, Celanese found Porticos to be innovative and agile when facing challenges, and unafraid to use our cutting edge processes and materials to arrive at the best solution for their customer.

    Len Poole , Principle Engineer of Celanese
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