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  • Porticos hit it out of the park with the design of this product. The board applauded when the demonstration unit finished running. I can honestly say I have never been in a board meeting where the members applauded. Congratulations on a job well done.

    David Calderwood, AAD
  • The P100 is the perfect addition to our gas-sensor family. It’s our first wearable product; the smallest and, by far, the most robust. Porticos engineers really did turn our ideas into a great product.

    Scott Kleppe, Sensit Technologies
  • Porticos met and overcame a variety of challenges during the design of our new wireless device with a unique blend of experience, creativity and rational thought; responding with ideas that frankly amazed me.

    Rob Sweeney, MessageQube
  • Porticos was selected based on their strong track record and experience in delivering quality mechanical solutions for high-tech products like mobile phones. They have a history of delivering designs that meet our stringent performance requirements without compromising the look, shape, or feel of the phone

    Mark Weadon, Sony Ericsson
  • The projects we worked on were a couple of the most challenging I’ve ever been a part of for many reasons, but I enjoyed working with you and your group, which are some of the most professional and talented people I have ever collaborated with.

    Dan Notarnicola, President and CEO of Quality Components & Services, LLC.
  • Your engineer did a great job and was easy to communicate our requirements to.

    Tecan US
  • Porticos engineers have seamlessly integrated into our projects, regardless of the complexity or duration and consistently added value. It has been a pleasure working with the Porticos owners – their flexibility and attention to details on staffing solutions is key to continued success.

    David McCutcheon, Industrial Design & Mechanical Engineering Manager, Plexus
  • Porticos Team is very professional , well organized and very knowledgeable. It is always a pleasure working with them!

    Azur Dzindo, Innovation Manager, Pentair
  • I really appreciate the work that Lewis and the Porticos team did to help us get our first product from concept to workable system. We were pushing the boundaries of several materials and processes to bring together a unique medical device. They helped solve several of our challenges with the product and recommended some great manufacturers for critical components. I would definitely recommend them for both startups and established product development companies.

    Michael Lay, Director of Design & Development, PhotonMD
  • While collaborating on a development project, Celanese found Porticos to be innovative and agile when facing challenges, and unafraid to use our cutting edge processes and materials to arrive at the best solution for their customer.

    Len Poole, Principle Engineer of Celanese
  • The projects we worked on were a couple of the most challenging I’ve ever been a part of for many reasons, but I enjoyed working with the Porticos group, which are some of the most professional and talented people I have ever collaborated with.

    Daniel Notarnicola, President and CEO of Quality Components and Services LLC
  • The Porticos team was able to take my incomplete design, clean it up, and get it ready for manufacturing.  Their thoroughness and attention to detail helped to complete my product design.

    Neeraj Lal, Founder & CEO, Purillume, Inc.
  • We enjoyed working with Porticos to design and manage our plastic tooling. It was seamless process from beginning to end and we look forward to continuing our relationship.

    Eric De Feo, Co-Founder & COO, Ohneka
  • The T1 parts were received on time for our engineering build and assembled virtually perfectly. In our experience this rarely happens and is a testament to the design work by your team. Furthermore your attentiveness to the fiscal responsibility of the project resulted in cost coming in under budget!

    Justin Thompson, Product Engineer, SunTech Medical, Inc.
  • The staff at Porticos were fundamental in moving us from product conception into product development and manufacturing.  Their focus helped us manage our engineering costs as they provided deliverables on time and on target.  We look forward to working with them through product revisions and new product development.

    Tim Nickodemus, President, Equipment Armor, Inc.
  • Porticos provided excellent services to Viatrax. They were so friendly and attentive to detail. We are very pleased with the final design and are impressed with the final product.

    Sean Webster, Vice-President Business Development, Viatrax Automation
  • After decades in the tech industry, our core team has a lot of experience in software and business in general. However, we are relative newcomers to hardware design and manufacturing. Porticos has been so helpful in the design process and has helped us learn along the way. We would not be where we are today without the help and expertise of Porticos.

    Sean Webster, Vice-President Business Development, Viatrax Automation
  • Porticos was extremely flexible as we figured out what we needed this device to do. It’s a success story. The UPAK™ design is extremely popular. The first few dozen units were purchased as soon as we built them.

    Larry Markoski, President, INI Power Systems
  • The Porticos engineers ask tough questions and drive toward clear answers. They are scientific, professional, and expert in ways that perfectly expand on our in-house capabilities. Working with Porticos was a pleasure. We can’t wait to work with them again.

    Ricky Spero, VP-Product Development, Rheomics, Inc.
  • Porticos is a great partner for the National Science Foundation ASSIST program since they bring technology integration and prototyping expertise while also having a successful track record taking technologies to market.

    Tom Snyder, Director of Industry Partnerships for the ASSIST Nanosystems Engineering Research Center
  • The level of service we get from Porticos is outstanding. I continue to be impressed by the level of commitment they demonstrate to all aspects of our relationship.

    Joe Zuech, Bell and Howell
  • The MC 45 value tier should help us win customers in markets we couldn’t compete in before. The team has delivered a ground breaking product.

    Steve Legoff, Motorola Solutions
  • The innovation and level of support we have received has exceeded our expectations.

    Conrad Geibel, Iridium
  • We chose Porticos because of their experience in designing consumer, industrial and military wireless products and their reputation for providing superior customer service.

    Conrad Geibel, Iridium
  • Our findings suggest that this novel cooling device would effectively attenuate heat strain and increase work productivity for personnel working in a hot and humid environment.

    Yang Zhang, University of Alabama
  • Porticos really helped us to meet our design goals and aggressive project schedule.  Even though we were working in two different continents the Porticos effort was extremely effective with good cooperation and understanding between our organization and theirs.

    Astanovsky Michael, Motorola Israel
  • Porticos brings a level of support and customer service to us that we had not been able to find previously.  Our relationship with Porticos gives us the ability to handle resource loading peak demands quickly and efficiently while also allowing us to capitalize on their broad experience base.

    Joe Zuech, Bowe Bell + Howell
  • When designing the DVU-1000, an engineering solution was vital to ensure the unit could withstand extreme temperature, shock and vibration.  We were able to reach our environment goals and reduce our manufacturing costs.

    Don Scott, Raytheon / JPS
  • Porticos engineers were able to implement a specialized shielding solution to meet our requirements, as well as deliver an attractive finished design that conveys our brand identity.

    Michael Koch, Sirit
  • Porticos has the experience and expertise to handle many of the mechanical challenges we faced, which allowed us to focus on the electrochemical aspects of our patented Laminar Flow technology.  The Porticos team integrated well with the INI team to meet our aggressive goals for performance and schedule.

    Jeff Harrison, INI Power Systems
  • We are extremely pleased with every aspect of the platform prototype project and overall partnering experience with Porticos.  We look forward collaborating on future projects with Porticos.

    Clay Smith, ROM
  • When we brought Porticos in we were not meeting some of our critical EMI leakage requirements due to our mechanical packaging.  Porticos proposed and implemented design changes which allowed us to pass all of our regulatory tests on our first try.

    Michael Koch, SAMSys
  • We wanted to brand our equipment with a design that will give it a secure look, while conveying attributes of high quality and reliability.  Porticos helped us achieve these objectives.

    Ken Gramley, Covelight Systems
  • Your engineering fixes were both novel and economical, plus they worked! All was done in a timely manner. Thanks for your significant contribution to the product design.

    Jim Sears, Integrian
  • We had an existing mechanical enclosure design that could not meet the stringent vibration requirements that our customers were expecting. We turned to Porticos to help provide a solution. They were able to use software to simulate what the existing design and model the necessary changes that would pass the specification. Vibration is a tricky discipline, so Porticos saved us a lot of time and money from trial and error, prototyping, and testing. Their experience, mechanical expertise, and persistence helped us focus in on the necessary modifications to produce a better performing product for our customers.

    ch-Kien Lao, Integrian
  • Porticos  work inspired me to think beyond a traditional mindset and consider alternatives that have enhanced our project.

    Rob Sweeney, MessageQube
  • Porticos exceeded expectations by designing functionality that makes our new device even easier to use.

    Rob Sweeney, MessageQube
  • Working with Porticos has been both enlightening and inspiring

    Rob Sweeney, MessageQube