Kevin Carpenter

Prior to founding Porticos in 2003, Kevin worked as a Product Design Engineer for Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications (mobile phones and accessories). He also spent several years designing miniature gears and mechanisms for General Time Corporation, as well as developing the equipment to fabricate and assemble those products.

Kevin has over 26 years of product design experience and holds 15 utility and design patents. His early career experience includes plant design (power, chemical, pharmaceutical) and analysis of variable-speed turbomachinery.


  • Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech
  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from North Carolina State University


  • Founding member of Porticos Inc.
  • Named inventor on 15 patents
  • Professional Engineer
  • Principal Investigator, Homeland Security Personal Cooling grant.
  • Principal Investigator, Department of Energy NGCD grant.
  • Instrument-rated private pilot.


  • Aviation
  • Skiing
  • Travel
Mooney M20J
Sting Ray City in the Grand Cayman
On horseback in Montana
Skiing in Sunshine Valley, Canada