7 Stages of New Product Development Process

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What is a Product Development Process? A Product Development Process refers to the entire range of activities where a company conceptualizes and realizes a new offering. An outcome concept might originate in the marketplace, or in a lab or workspace, or in the so-called fuzzy front end. Ideas come from customer requirements, too. New product […]

Porticos Collaborates with Sensal Health on New Product Development

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Porticos Work and Sensal Health on New Products Sensal Health is the brainchild of President and Co-founder Deepak Sirdeshmukh. The Chapel Hill, NC-based medical startup specializes in medication adherence monitoring, creating products and apps that: Reminds patients to take their medication Determine whether they have Records the data in a database accessible to medical professionals The […]

Transparent Plastics for New Product Development

New Product Development: Transparent Plastic Many products include components that must be optically clear to facilitate useful functions: Visual inspection. Medical devices are often molded of clear plastic so that a problem can be more quickly noted and resolved. Indication. A light guide transmits colored light from the interior to the outer surface of a […]

Remote Collaboration and Product Development: Can It Be Done Successfully?

Remote Collaboration and Product Development In the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many Americans are working from home on a full-time basis. In many cases, businesses that had always conducted their operations at a centralized location have now embraced remote work with aplomb. But while you may be able to teleconference and share documents […]

QScout Farm Lab Production Development

QScout Farm Lab Production: Product Development Advanced Animal Diagnostics (AAD), a diagnostics center in Morrisville, NC recently partnered with Porticos, a product design, and product development engineering consulting firm in Morrisville, NC,  to create an innovative, cutting edge device that tackles the common and costly disease called mastitis in dairy cows. It’s impossible to determine if […]

24/7 In-Line Monitoring Filter System

What Is Monitoring Filter System? Porticos, a product design and product development engineering consulting firm in Morrisville, NC, continues to revolutionize manufacturing, with a filter system that uses a series of in-line sensors to monitor fluid condition and filter performance 24/7. This system is not only beneficial to the manufacturing sector, it opens the door […]

Porticos Attends SolidWorks World 2019

Porticos provides a substantial professional-development allowance for our engineers to keep them current on the latest methods and tools.  We intend to ensure that Porticos is efficient at finding and implementing the optimal solution for any engineering challenge. Six Porticos engineers traveled to SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2019 in Dallas, Texas. SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2019 Our engineers attended […]

Your Product Design and Development Engineering Consulting Firm is Growing. And 3D Printing.

With great support from our customers, employees, and partners, Porticos continues to grow. Here are some new things you might see around our office. New Capabilities and Equipment Every year, Porticos adds to our infrastructure to support upcoming projects.  In the last few months we have deployed: Google Cloud “Virtual Machine” to speed up simulations. […]

Collaboration on Medication Monitoring Device: Porticos and Porticos Asia

Porticos, a product design and product development engineering consulting firm in Morrisville, NC, and Porticos Asia, its manufacturing partner, recently collaborated on a medication monitoring device that helps patients and caregivers keep track of medications via a smartphone app. The device can be attached to prescription pill bottles at the pharmacy, and it tracks the […]

Product design for cooler pet beds. Literally.

A cool concept. A bed for your pet that will help them keep their cool, literally. The Porticos team was approached to redesign a non-functional cooling pet bed. Product design: Engineering challenges overcome by critical thinking An interesting concept that had several pieces and parts from the different components involved in the bed itself, analysis […]