Product design for cooler pet beds. Literally.

A cool concept. A bed for your pet that will help them keep their cool, literally. The Porticos team was approached to redesign a non-functional cooling pet bed. Product design: Engineering challenges overcome by critical thinking An interesting concept that had several pieces and parts from the different components involved in the bed itself, analysis […]

Sleek New Design for Paper Product Dispensers

A new sleek, streamlined, and consistent look for paper product dispensers were designed and developed by Porticos engineers for the Von Drehle Corporation. The Porticos engineers were on board from concept through installation in customer locations. Listening to their customers, the Von Drehle Corporation knew it was time to redesign and update the look of […]

Strong and Sleek: The Dent Prevent Example of Meeting Product Design Challenges

Even the best drivers in the world have to worry about dents. You might maneuver carefully into a parking spot, but then someone carelessly parks too close, opens their door too fast, and—ding! Other cars can dent ours, no matter how careful we are. Inventor and entrepreneur Mike Ardrey is striving to make these annoyances […]

The Right Light in a Touch: Porticos Develops Bezel for Revolutionary LED Lamp

Did you know that the right light can help us improve how we wake, work, and rest? Unfortunately, the problem with lighting today is that replacement Compact Fluorescent (CFL) and LED bulbs have limitations and can’t provide the brightness and light quality that we expect and deserve. Lighting technology has the potential to deliver so […]

Porticos Expands Product Design Offerings to Heavy Industrial & Heavy Equipment Market

When Porticos launched in 2003, we harnessed our founding engineering team’s extensive experience in cellular phone and mobile accessory design and focused on the design and development of consumer electronic products. But even then, the management team understood the importance of diversification, and it wasn’t long before Porticos expanded into military and public safety products. […]

Product Design for Greener Thumbs: Porticos Engineers Partner with ROOT

Can you imagine your indoor basil plant sending you a text? “Hey there—could I get some water?” That little pot’s chance of survival just improved. Well thanks to the product design engineers at Porticos, our house plants could soon be smart plants. Remembering to water them, knowing how much light they need… keeping plants green […]

Fiercely Small: Porticos Helps Design Radios that Channel Durability and Portability

Police need reliable technology that can work overtime. Fire responders need loud, clear communication tools that work in any environment. EMS need multiple communication channels, so they’re always accessible. They all need their equipment to be as tough as the people using them. But just like the rest of us, emergency responders also need their […]

Porticos Perspective featured on IBM’s Internet of Things blog

In a post titled “Why human centered design is critical to solving problems with technology“, Porticos President Greg Patterson described the Porticos approach to product design. He also described the experience of working with the Emerging Technologies jStart Team at IBM to develop hardware sensor mounts for the bikes of the US Women’s Cycling Pursuit Team. For more, check […]

Innovation and Experience: Porticos Sponsors Internet of Things Meetup

The popularity of IoT—or, the Internet of Things—isn’t difficult to understand; after all, IoT is the field of smart watches, phone-controlled homes, and t-shirts that can measure your heart rate. It’s a field brimming with innovative startups, investments from tech heavyweights, and research in medical, military, industry, and consumer applications. As an engineering firm helping companies […]