Recycled Plastics in New Product Development

It’s common knowledge that plastic waste is a problem; no point in belaboring that.  If you are involved in New Product Development then you have an opportunity to address that problem, and to generate a competitive advantage at the same time.  What follows will explain why and how to use Recycled Plastics in New Product Development. […]

What is an Engineering Investigation?

  Engineering Investigation In New Product Development New Product Development (NPD) is usually discussed as a creative process. At Porticos, we develop a vision for a new thing, then figure out how to realize that vision. We use knowledge, experience, creativity, and innovation to create something new. But Product Development is not a purely creative […]

Transparent Plastics for New Product Development

New Product Development: Transparent Plastic Many products include components that must be optically clear to facilitate useful functions: Visual inspection. Medical devices are often molded of clear plastic so that a problem can be more quickly noted and resolved. Indication. A light guide transmits colored light from the interior to the outer surface of a […]