Recycled Plastics in New Product Development

It’s common knowledge that plastic waste is a problem; no point in belaboring that.  If you are involved in New Product Development then you have an opportunity to address that problem, and to generate a competitive advantage at the same time.  What follows will explain why and how to use Recycled Plastics in New Product Development. […]

What is an Engineering Investigation?

Most of the time the question, “what is an engineering investigation?”, is answered with data related to forensic engineering rather than mechanical engineering and product development. However, here we want to tell you what an engineering investigation is from the perspective of new product development.   Engineering Investigation In New Product Development New Product Development […]

Transparent Plastics for New Product Development

New Product Development: Transparent Plastic Many products include components that must be optically clear to facilitate useful functions: Visual inspection. Medical devices are often molded of clear plastic so that a problem can be more quickly noted and resolved. Indication. A light guide transmits colored light from the interior to the outer surface of a […]