Sleek New Design for Paper Product Dispensers

A new sleek, streamlined, and consistent look for paper product dispensers were designed and developed by Porticos engineers for the Von Drehle Corporation. The Porticos engineers were on board from concept through installation in customer locations. Listening to their customers, the Von Drehle Corporation knew it was time to redesign and update the look of […]

Fiercely Small: Porticos Helps Design Radios that Channel Durability and Portability

Police need reliable technology that can work overtime. Fire responders need loud, clear communication tools that work in any environment. EMS need multiple communication channels, so they’re always accessible. They all need their equipment to be as tough as the people using them. But just like the rest of us, emergency responders also need their […]

They Made It! Congratulations to the Successful Scott Expedition

The Successful Scott Expedition On the morning of Friday, February 7th, Ben Saunders and Tarka L’Herpiniere completed, for the first time ever, the ill-fated journey of Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s iconic Terra Nova expedition. It took the Team 105 days to trek the 1,795 mile feat that Captain Scott and his men died attempting over 100 years […]

State-of-the-Art Mail Tray Loader Moves Paper at 150 Inches per Second

Porticos has supported Bell and Howell, a leading global provider of customer communication solutions, on many complex paper handling designs since establishing a relationship over five years ago.   The most recent of these multipart projects is the Solix™ Mail Tray Loader, which handles up to 30,000 envelopes an hour.  That equates to an impressive 150 […]

The Scott Expedition Through Antarctica: Customized Satellite

Following Scott Expedition in Antarctica:  A Project Worthy of a South Pole Adventure Captain Scott’s Last Expedition—also known as the fateful Terra Nova Expedition—is a tragic but legendary part of Antarctic history. In 1912, along with his team of four brave men, Scott lost his life in a battle against the cold, isolated wilderness of the […]

Porticos Develops New Gas Cylinder Sensor Unit

New Develop Gas Cylinder Sensor Unit Product upgrades lead engineers to a time-old issue of balance: how to maintain a unit’s quality and function while upgrading its aesthetics, size, and affordability? Porticos specializes in mechanical design, but a recent upgrade project showed Porticos’ ability to complete total product designs, meeting the hardware, software, mechanical, and […]

Porticos Designed Motorola MT2000 Mobile Terminal

Launch of the MT2000 Mobile Terminal RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC — Porticos, Inc. applauds the launch of the MT2000 Mobile Terminal by Motorola. The MT2000 Mobile Terminal combines a very versatile and robust scanner with the capabilities of a personal computer.  Review and Specifications. Motorola commissioned Porticos, Inc. to provide mechanical design and engineering for […]

Porticos: Enters Service Agreement with JPS Communications

Provide General Engineering Design to JPS Communications RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC — Porticos, Inc. announced today that is has entered into a service contract with JPS Communications, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Raytheon Company. Under the terms of this contract, Porticos will provide general engineering design services to JPS Communications on a continuing basis which […]

Porticos Announces Porticool Spin-Off

Porticool Spin-Off Developing Personal Cooling Technologies RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC — Porticos, Inc. today announced the formation of Porticool, Inc., a spin-off company that will focus on microclimate cooling technology. Porticos began developing personal cooling technologies more than three years ago, with the intent to aid public-safety and emergency-response professionals whose duties put them at […]

Porticos: Supports the Development of Portable Fuel Cell Power Unit

Development of Portable Fuel Cell Power Unit RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC— Porticos, Inc. was selected by INI to design and build a prototype portable power unit for integration with INI Power System’s fuel cell technology for exhibition at the Fuel Cell 2006 national conference.  Porticos provided the mechanical and system design expertise for this working […]