Fiercely Small: Porticos Helps Design Radios that Channel Durability and Portability

Police need reliable technology that can work overtime. Fire responders need loud, clear communication tools that work in any environment. EMS need multiple communication channels, so they’re always accessible. They all need their equipment to be as tough as the people using them. But just like the rest of us, emergency responders also need their […]

A phone with no phone bill? Porticos-designed adapter turns iPod into a wi-fi phone!

The new MorphCase 5G VoIP adapter turns an Apple iPod Touch into a free-to-use, wifi-enabled smartphone. Conceptualized by Dexterity, LLC, the adapter was envisioned as a low-cost communication solution for families wary of cellular phone bills. This first version of the MorphCase only fit the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Generation iPod Touch. But the recently […]

Digital Medication Dispensing—An Easy Pill to Swallow

Digital Medication: Dispensing An Easy Pill to Swallow Deadly medication mixups threaten patients and those involved in their care. Drug interactions, lawsuits, and even death can result from human error or lack of communication. Suppose a prescription is hard to read, or a patient forgets to take a pill? PharmMate™, Porticos’s latest engineering challenge, takes […]

Rheomics:The Point of Care, A Next-Generation Blood Clotting Test

Rheomics: Next-Generation Blood Clotting Test If you’re bleeding, how does the doctor know whether you need a transfusion? How does she know how much to give, or when to stop? Today there are diagnostics tests that provide this information, but not enough hospitals use them because they’re expensive, complicated, and unreliable. What if there was […]

Porticos Creativity Fuels Generator Adaptor Project

Porticos Innovation: Fuel Generator Adaptor Project Versatile enough to run on nail polish remover, the flex-fuel generator by INI Power Systems was already an ideal portable power source. But when they were ready to expand the product, INI Power Systems approached Porticos with the challenge: create an adaptor that enabled the generator to also consume compressed […]

Novel Medical: Sensor Device Automatically Monitors Patient Temperatures

Automatic Monitor: Sensor Device for Patient Temperature  Protective hypothermia, a medical treatment that lowers a patient’s body temperature, helps to reduce the risk of tissue injury due to insufficient blood-flow after cardiac arrests, strokes, or traumatic brain injuries. Water blankets and wraps have been used to lower patients’ body temperatures since the 1950s, but they […]

Porticos’s Latest Development Project: Revolutionary Communication Device

Implements Kid-Friendly Design In A Revolutionary Communication Device  Is there any fear stronger than fear for a missing child? According to the US Department of Justice, nearly 800,000 American children are reported missing every year. Together with Filip Technology™, Porticos has developed a groundbreaking tool that will help parents keep in touch with their children: […]

They Made It! Congratulations to the Successful Scott Expedition

The Successful Scott Expedition On the morning of Friday, February 7th, Ben Saunders and Tarka L’Herpiniere completed, for the first time ever, the ill-fated journey of Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s iconic Terra Nova expedition. It took the Team 105 days to trek the 1,795 mile feat that Captain Scott and his men died attempting over 100 years […]

Porticos: Invited to Assist with NSF-Funded and Nanotechnology Research

Porticos: Supported Nanotechnology Research Porticos is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Center for Advanced Self-Powered Systems of Integrated Sensors and Technologies. The $18.5M Engineering Research Center is developing technologies to improve global health through nanotechnology-enabled, wearable electronics.

State-of-the-Art Mail Tray Loader Moves Paper at 150 Inches per Second

Porticos has supported Bell and Howell, a leading global provider of customer communication solutions, on many complex paper handling designs since establishing a relationship over five years ago.   The most recent of these multipart projects is the Solix™ Mail Tray Loader, which handles up to 30,000 envelopes an hour.  That equates to an impressive 150 […]