Prototyping. A word with a lot of meanings.

Here at Porticos, we fabricate different prototypes for different reasons:

  • Proof of Concept prototypes demonstrate that an engineering approach is sound. They usually have no appearance requirements at all; mostly tubes and wires.
  • Cosmetic prototypes show what a product will eventually look like. Typically not functional.
  • High-fidelity prototypes look and behave like a final product, but are fabricated using techniques unsuitable for production. Think 3D-printed mechanics and hand-populated circuit boards.
  • Engineering prototypes are built with high-volume parts, but are intended for evaluation and testing.
  • Factory prototypes are intended to validate the assembly & testing processes at the factory.

Porticos generates prototypes whenever the project will benefit from them, or when asked by the client to support a business requirement, such as a trade-show. Our project managers will work with you to determine what sort of prototype is appropriate at every stage.

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