The Right Light in a Touch: Porticos Develops Bezel for Revolutionary LED Lamp

Did you know that the right light can help us improve how we wake, work, and rest? Unfortunately, the problem with lighting today is that replacement Compact Fluorescent (CFL) and LED bulbs have limitations and can’t provide the brightness and light quality that we expect and deserve. Lighting technology has the potential to deliver so much more.

Porticos Product Design Challenge: The Orchid LED Table Lamp

Lighting should be energizing and beautiful, bringing brightness to any space. When Purillume, a new kind of lighting company, was ready to work on its first lamp—the Orchid LED Table Lamp—Porticos was pleased to answer the call.

The Purillume team conceptualized the Orchid LED Table Lamp body and bulb assembly to deliver a bright (2750 lumens) and high quality (color rendering index = 92/100) light output. However, one key aspect was still missing—the addition of touch screen functionality for the ultimate user experience. Purillume wanted to create a table lamp that would combine an elegant design with LED power and efficiency to deliver beautiful, fully controllable, omnidirectional light that could be easily adjusted to a user’s lighting needs at any given time.

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Product Development Challenges: Balancing Cost and Size

Purillume partnered with Porticos’ product design and development team in order to be able to deliver the right light at the touch of a finger. Porticos was tasked with developing a plastic bezel assembly to mount a touchscreen LCD display to the lamp body. The Porticos product development team had to meet very demanding product requirements for this design. The team had to ensure that the touch screen LCD design would work with a range of lamp body materials and thicknesses.

“Ease and cost of assembly were also prioritized along with minimizing the size of the bezel,” said Porticos Design Engineer Lewis Joyce.

The project evolved into designing a bezel assembly, electronics enclosure (e-box) and refining the Computer-Aided Design (CAD) of the lamp body. The Porticos team also worked on optimizing the overall assembly design and created 2D drawings of all mechanical parts.

“While Purillume had preliminary designs of several of these parts, Porticos was brought on to incorporate Design for Manufacturability (DFM) principles, reduce time to market, and offer general mechanical and product design expertise,” said Joyce.

Meeting Product Design Challenges: The End Result

The end result is a revolutionary lamp, the Orchid LED Table Lamp, with an LCD touch screen that allows users to adjust brightness and color with customizable presets, save their preferred lighting settings, display time and settings or dim to black.

“The Porticos team was able to take my incomplete design, clean it up, and get it ready for manufacturing, said Neeraj Lal, Founder & CEO of Purillume, Inc. “Their thoroughness and attention to detail helped to complete my product design.”

The lamp also contains dual USB ports for charging mobile phones or tablets. The development of the bezel to mount an LCD touch screen to the Orchid LED Table Lamp has allowed Purillume to create an intuitive lighting experience for use in homes, offices, hotels or anywhere you’d use a lamp. Users can easily change the brightness and color temperature of their Orchid lamp based on their mood or activity.

Porticos is proud to have been chosen by PURillume for this project.

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