At Porticos, we design, engineer, prototype, and manufacture products for inventors, entrepreneurs, startups, and large companies alike. Our end-to-end development process gives you the opportunity to develop innovative products for any industry.

We don’t just walk away after the engineering design is complete. We stay as involved as you will allow us to be.

Porticos Asia is available to provide custom parts and subassemblies, or even to package and ship finished products. With suppliers all over the Eastern Hemisphere and a factory in Hong Kong, Porticos Asia is perfectly positioned to pass along the economic benefits of Hong Kong’s Special Trade Status.

Sustaining Engineering is Inevitable

The attention of an experienced product engineer will be needed months or even years after launch.

Some examples:

  • A purchased component will become unavailable.
  • New tooling or facilities will be needed to accommodate growth.
  • New regulations often require modest design changes.
  • A recurrent field-failure will require investigation, or “root cause analysis.”


Porticos provides these services, à la carte, for legacy products that have been designed by others. We are especially insightful and efficient at sustaining the products that we have designed ourselves. As an example, we have been sustaining the Iridium 9575 Handset for more than ten years!


Porticos project managers are happy to work with your existing supply chain, domestic or abroad. Our engineers will travel to your designated Contract Manufacturer to ensure that the product launch is efficient and successful.


Our Work

Check out our extensive product design and development portfolio.