Product Development Spotlight: SweatID

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Finding an Opportunity

SweatID is a Life Sciences startup based upon a wearable device for health and fitness applications. The SweatID system uses a fabric-based sensor to monitor the wearer’s hydration in real-time, enabling continuous monitoring of sweat biomarkers on the skin’s surface. Prior to engaging Porticos, the SweatID team had created a promising proof of concept prototype and was looking for a Product Engineering partner to help bring it to the next level. SweatID chose Porticos to develop their technology into a fully functional wearable device.

Bulky Prototype - FRONTUnderstanding the Technology​

The SweatID system includes three main components:

  1. A data transmitter PCB with a simple user interface
  2. A replaceable patch containing a reinforced fabric-based sensor
  3. A washable elastic band that can secure the device to an arm or wrist.

Overcoming Technical Challenges

Technical challenges that Porticos faced on this project included:

  • Finding a desirable form factor and good user experience.
  • Strengthening and protecting the fabric-based sensor.
  • Protecting the electronics from water ingress and corrosion.
  • Creating a sleek user interface.
  • Figuring out how to integrate the disposable sweat sensor.
Miniature Sensor Assembly
Miniature Sensor Assembly
Washable elastic band
Washable elastic band
Band Assembly CAD
Band Assembly CAD

Leveraging the Tools

Porticos met the technical challenges with innovative engineering design:

  • Generated concept art and user experience examples. Worked closely with SweatID to down select these options best-aligned with the product vision.
  • Fabricated high fidelity prototype units in-house, complete with an assembly method, alignment jig, and work instructions for SweatID employees.
  • Identified and integrated corrosion-resistant materials.
  • Developed a sleek-looking User Interface that solved multiple problems:
    • The recessed graphic nameplate is flexible, allowing for a button press through a “living hinge” in the plastic housing.
    • The overlay remains transparent in select areas to reveal an indicator light.
    • The adhesive backing provides a water-tight seal.

Declaring Victory

Compact PrototypeThe final result of the product development effort was the successful implementation of our client’s vision, and delivery of a fully-functional unit for field testing.

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