New Porticos Website

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC – Porticos is pleased to announce that the www.porticos.net website has just undergone its first major overhaul since its introduction. The site now sports a fresh, modern look and a more intuitive user interface. “While our original website was useful in communicating our capabilities and service offerings to existing and potential customers, it lacked some of the human elements that we feel sets Porticos apart from our competition,” explains Greg Patterson, President of Porticos. “To that point, one of the first things that people familiar with the old Porticos site will notice immediately is the extensive use of candid photos and motion.”

The new Porticos site focuses on the three main elements that set the foundation for Porticos: Experience, Innovation and Customer Service. Each element is expanded upon within the site to give the visitor a complete understanding of how these support the tag line, “We turn good ideas into great products!” Customer testimonials highlighted within the site provide a balanced compliment to the expansive technical information.

Even the portfolio page, which is by far the most popular page in the current site, has been updated. The unique “scrolling columns” format remains but the information has been expanded to include more detailed “case study” information and allow the visitor to download a hard copy if they wish.

According to Sarah McKone, the webmaster in charge of the overhaul, “The new website provides a visually exciting experience for the visitor while still communicating the wealth of technical information necessary to make the site valuable. Formatting behind the scenes will greatly improve the site’s visibility to both external and internal search engines.”

We encourage all of our readers to check out the new website and provide feedback that will be integrated into future versions as the site continues to evolve and to be updated with new information.

About Porticos — Porticos, Inc. is a mechanical engineering and product development company located in Research Triangle Park, NC. Established in 2003, Porticos continues to produce innovative and effective solutions for its clients and the markets they serve. Porticos, Inc. provides mechanical design, analysis, research and development services to clients including Dell, Motorola, Raytheon, and many others. For more information on how Porticos “turns good ideas into great products,” please visit www.porticos.net

About Sarah McKone – Sarah McKone is an independent Web Designer/Developer based in Raleigh, NC. Since 2008, Sarah has enjoyed creating websites for companies, small business, non-profits, educators, and individuals across the country who are looking for clean, modern designs. Sarah focuses on WordPress- and Drupal-based sites, creating web spaces that are so easy to update that clients with little to no web experience can add new content to their own sites. For more information about Sarah McKone’s web services, please visit www.sarahmckone.com.