Development of Portable Fuel Cell Power Unit

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC— Porticos, Inc. was selected by INI to design and build a prototype portable power unit for integration with INI Power System’s fuel cell technology for exhibition at the Fuel Cell 2006 national conference.  Porticos provided the mechanical and system design expertise for this working prototype, which received much visibility and attention by attendees.

“Porticos has the experience and expertise to handle many of the mechanical challenges we face, which allows us to focus on the electrochemical aspects of our patented Laminar Flow technology,” said Jeffrey Harrison, Chief Operating Officer of INI Power Systems.  “The Porticos team integrated well with the INI team to meet our aggressive goals for performance and schedule.”

About Porticos — Porticos, Inc. is a mechanical engineering and product development company located in Research Triangle Park, NC.  Established in 2003 as a firm focused on mechanical design and product development, Porticos continues to produce innovative and effective solutions for its clients and the markets they serve.  Porticos provides mechanical design, analysis, research and development services to such major companies as Dell, Sony, Symbol and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  For more information on how Porticos “turns good ideas into great products,” please visit

About INI — INI Power Systems, located in Cary, NC, was founded in 2001 as a University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) start-up, focused on commercializing the patented, direct methanol Laminar Flow Fuel Cell (LFFC®).  Combining methanol – a high energy density and logistically friendly liquid fuel – with a revolutionary fuel cell concept, INI’s LFFC® technology is designed to replace or augment batteries to supply longer-lasting power for portable devices.  INI has worldwide exclusivity to the now issued LFFC® concept patent and has 7 more patents pending in key areas of stack performance and manufacturability.  INI Power Systems, Inc. — was founded in 2001, a start-up spun out from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and supported by seed funding from Illinois Ventures to demonstrate the proof-of-concept of its Direct Methanol Laminar Flow Fuel Cell™.  Core to INI Power is an exclusive license to develop and commercialize the Laminar Flow concept from UIUC.  Over the last 4 years, INI has expanded its portfolio to 6 additional patents pending covering improvements and inventions related to the laminar flow concept patent.  INI is currently developing their technology for products to support both the military and commercial markets.  Please visit

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About Porticos


About Porticos — Porticos, Inc. is a mechanical engineering and product design development company located in Research Triangle Park, NC.

Established in 2003, Porticos continues to produce innovative and effective solutions for its clients and the markets they serve. Porticos, Inc. provides mechanical design, analysis, research, and development services to clients including Dell, Motorola, Raytheon, and many others.