Porticos Sponsors American Medical Device Summit

Picture1Porticos is pleased to announce our sponsorship of the American Medical Device Summit, held in Chicago on September 21 & 22. The AMD Summit provides a unique opportunity for attendees to explore the challenges and opportunities in medical product development through case studies and discussions with industry leaders. In addition to participating in the discussion groups, Porticos will have an exhibit where attendees are encouraged to come by and learn more about the company.

“When Todd Rosler from Generis contacted me and informed me that Porticos was one of the companies requested to attend the AMD Summit by some of the delegates, I was honored,” explains Porticos President Greg Patterson. “The AMD Summit provides a great forum for sharing ideas and communicating our message of designing small, handheld or patient-worn Class I or Class II devices and sensors to an interested audience.”

The AMD Summit will be the second such conference sponsored by Porticos this year. In June, Porticos co-sponsored the Strategic Medical Device New Product Development conference in Alexandria Virginia. Participating in these events is consistent with Porticos’ strategy to grow its reputation as a premier product design and engineering services company for the medical market.

To learn more about the summit and register to attend go to www.amdsummit.com.


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About Porticos — Porticos, Inc. is a mechanical engineering and product design development company located in Research Triangle Park, NC.

Established in 2003, Porticos continues to produce innovative and effective solutions for its clients and the markets they serve. Porticos, Inc. provides mechanical design, analysis, research, and development services to clients including Dell, Motorola, Raytheon, and many others.