Porticos – A Look Back at Innovative Projects from One of the Top Product Design and Development Companies

Founded in 2003, Porticos is recognized among the top product design and product development companies globally. The Porticos engineering team has designed innovative products for military use, industrial use, consumer use and medical use. Since 2003, our brand has come a long way in establishing itself as one of the most trusted product design company. Located near the Research Triangle Park and Raleigh, Porticos has successfully designed products for few of the top companies in the world—including Sony Ericsson and Dell.

The Porticos engineering team has successfully designed some highly popular consumer electronics products by using cutting edge technology. Our product engineering team comes up with a great solution for every challenge that comes our way. While we maintain our proficiency in consumer product design, we have also designed some extraordinary products in the fields of medical devices and energy systems.

To help celebrate a new year of product design, in this blog we will take a look back at the top products designed by the Porticos engineering team in the field of consumer, military, industrial, medical and energy. Happy New Year!

Consumer Products Designed and Developed by Porticos

Porticos is one of the leading product design and product development companies when it comes to consumer products. Porticos is a market leader in providing design solution to world’s leading companies in the field of consumer products because of our focus on innovation, cutting-edge technology, and proven engineering solutions. Here are some of highly popular consumer products developed by Porticos.

Rugged Laptop (latitude ATG)

Rugged Laptops

The latitude ATG laptop is exclusively designed to work smoothly even in a harsh environment and is perfect for the manufacturing, construction, police force, etc. The ATG laptop is tested to meet MIL-STD 810F, a tough military standard, and can function in the most demanding work environments. This all-weather laptop is loaded with a shock mounted and removable hard drive, a shock mounted LCD screen, and dust resistant keyboards. It is undoubtedly one of the most challenging products developed by the Porticos engineering team.

FiLIP Communications Device

FiLip Communications

In partnership with Filip technology, Porticos developed a revolutionary product that helps parents to stay connected with their children. It is a highly durable, groundbreaking product that was exclusively designed with children in mind. The FiLIPis a good option for parents who do not want to give their children full-featured phones but still want the peace-of-mind that comes with staying connected to their kids. The FiLIP communication device can make phone calls and send emergency alerts to parents, and it’s easy to use. It is also water resistant and weight less than two ounces, making it perfect for children.

Military Product Design and Product Development

Product design companies take great pride in designing products for military, since products used by those in the armed forces often have to operate in extreme conditions. Porticos has successfully designed several innovative products that could have military applications. Products designed by Porticos for military use are a perfect combination of engineering experience and cutting-edge innovation. Here is few of the popular products designed by Porticos for military use.

Harris XL-200P LTE-Enabled Radio

Harris, a big name in the field of radio technology, partnered with Porticos to design the LTE-Enabled radios, Harrris XL-200P. The Harris XL-200P is the smallest LTE-Capable land mobile radio offering the best in the communication technology. It is the only full-spectrum, LTE-capable radio in the market today. It wasexclusively built to work perfectly well in the hazardous and harsh environment for the public safety.

PORTICOOL Personal Cooling System

Porticos has received two US patents for designing Porticool Personal Cooling System. Porticos has developed an active cooling garment based on the endothermic expansion of liquid CO2. The product was tested at University of Alabama, which independently confirmed the amazing performance of Porticool personal cooling system. It can be used to keep the wearer cool in even the most harsh, dangerous conditions —such as in extreme climates or in areas exposed to flame, heat, or explosive conditions.

Industrial Product Design and Product Development

Porticos has successfully provided great innovative solutions to different industries by designing groundbreaking products for them. Porticos’ engineering solutions are always focused on making the user’s work tasks easy and safe. Here are some of the highly successful products designed by Porticos for industry.

ViaTRAXQuickCheck Asset Management (VQAM) GPS

ViaTRAX is one of the smallest and long lasting GPS asset trackers in the world developed by the ViaTrax Automation Corporation. Porticos developed the plastic enclosure of VQAM GPS tracker to meet its requirement of small while providing enough space for sensors, battery, circuit board and mounting flanges. The design meets ingress protection standard IP67 (waterproof to 1 meter and dust tight) while maintaining a discreet look.

Wright Brothers Sensor

Wright Brothers Inc, one of the leading producers and distributors of high performance specialty gases awarded the contract of redesigning of their first gas cylinder communication unit by retaining the existing performance and improving the aesthetics. The Porticos design team put their innovation to work in designing the gas cylinder communication unit for the Wright Brothers with improved external appearance and addition mounting options. Porticos kept everything simple to keep the project cost effective.

Medical Product Design and Product Development

Porticos has successfully designed and developed innovative medical products to help both patients as well as medical professionals. Technology helping professionals in healthcare to save lives and better care for patients, and Porticos has designed some amazing medical products to contribute in these goals. Here is the list of few of the ground-breaking medical products designed by Porticos.

The Livi™ Medical-Dispensing Device

Porticos partnered with Livi™ to help develop an innovative solution for patients to receive medications exactly as prescribed. The Livi™ Medical-Dispensing Device demonstrates the perfect combination of Porticos’ engineers technical expertise and practical specifications. The device dispatches prescription-specific dosage of multiple medications as scheduled, and it is designed for home use to help make it easier for those living at home to manage complex prescription regimens. Internet-enabled reports make it so that nurses, family members, or other personnel can confirm that patients have received their medication exactly as prescribed.

Rheomics Blood Test Device

Rheomics partnered with Porticos to develop the Rheomics Blood Test device. Porticos’ product design team demonstrated that they can develop a small, low cost device for blood test through this project. Porticos successfully helped Rheomics in the development Blood test device, focusing on a design that met the product goals and device specifications set by Rheomics.

This year, our team is revamping our online portfolio to organize and expand upon these great projects. We hope you’ll check it out and let us know if you have any feedback!

XL200P Exploded View

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