Porticos Expands Capabilities: Meet Porticos Asia

Porticos is proud to announce that it has formed a new company, Porticos Asia Ltd., and can now provide even more end-to-end support for its product design clients.

Headquartered in Hong Kong and working with suppliers in the Shenzhen region, Porticos Asia is in the advantageous position of being able to provide low-cost, high-quality production services to customers who may otherwise not have access to such capabilities. The focus on production services will include part, sub-assembly, and full production manufacturing, supply chain management, cost reduction, quality control, and order processing.

Sam Ribet, President of Porticos Asia, and Billy Fong, Director of Engineering and Production, will be responsible for all operations leveraging decades of experience in manufacturing and sourcing in Hong Kong and China.

“We are extremely excited to add production manufacturing and sourcing services to our portfolio”, said Greg Patterson, Porticos president. “What makes this situation so unique is that prior to this new venture we had already worked together indirectly with Sam and Billy for customers including Harris Corporation and Iridium. Once the decision had been taken to wind down Sam and Billy’s previous company we collectively took the opportunity to form Porticos Asia. From the prior experience of working with each other and audits of the preferred suppliers in the region, I knew that we would be able to provide high quality production and an overall better experience for our customers.”

“Because of our experience working with Porticos Inc. and the reputation Porticos Inc. has as provider of advanced engineering services Billy and I knew the fit would be synergistic and jumped at the opportunity to establish this new venture”, said Sam Ribet. “By combining our complementary skill sets and experience we are able to provide our customers with a seamless service from design to delivery.”

Manufacturing Services: What Makes Porticos Asia Different?

What makes Porticos Asia different from other companies that operate in the region? Quality. Anyone who has worked with Asian suppliers knows that quality can vary greatly depending on the supplier. In addition to working with suppliers that the Porticos Asia team has decades of experience with and have proven quality, the quality and manufacturing engineers at Porticos Asia oversee all of the production activities at the supplier’s facility.

As a testament to Porticos Asia’s quality level, the team achieved a 100% quality level with 0 DPPM for the production of the Unity Land Mobile Radio for Harris Corporation.

Customers are able to engage with Porticos or Porticos Asia separately, if desired, or can take advantage of the integrated design and manufacturing services available for accelerated development times, cost reduction from first concept stage, and cost effective / resource efficient project management.

Product Design and Product Manufacturing: What’s Next?

Look forward to new press releases and case studies that will be released in the coming months that document design and manufacturing services that customers have already been able to benefit from. Until then we encourage you to visit porticos-asia.com to learn more about Porticos Asia’s capabilities and services.

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