Expertise: Thermal Design & Cooling


Dissipation of heat, usually related to electronics packaging. Often informed by CFD.

Our Expertise

Engineers have access to a lot of tools to move, spread, and dissipate heat:

  • Thermal Interface Materials connect a hot component like a CPU to a heat-transfer system.  The TIM might be an epoxy, a grease, or a tape.  Compression of the TIM is critical, and relies on careful Tolerance Analysis.
  • Heat Pipes and Heat Spreaders transfer heat to a different location.
  • Heat Exchangers or Heat Sinks provide a mechanism to carry heat away with air or liquid.
  • Fans and baffles provide the necessary airflow.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics allows us to simulate the interaction of all these tools and components, providing a virtual test of the thermal design.

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