Expertise: Project Management


Ensures that all aspects of a project are considered and managed holistically.

Our Expertise

Most products require a synthesis of electronic, software, and mechanical engineering to realize both a vision and a business plan. Porticos has deep experience crossing the borders between engineering disciplines and business imperatives. Some of the tools we use to manage the complex endeavor include:

  • A detailed Work Breakdown Structure (AKA: WBS or Gantt Chart) that allows different engineering disciplines to align their efforts.
  • A Risk Register that keeps the team as efficient as possible. “Work on what matters most.”
  • Progressively more sophisticated prototypes that demonstrate how all the many specific efforts combine to a unified product.
  • Requirements Tracking to keep the evolving technical expectations in one place.
  • Validation Plan that explains how we and our clients can be sure that those requirements have been met.
  • Failure Mode Effects Analyses, or FMEA. Porticos will perform FMEA addressing both design opportunities (D/FMEA) and manufacturing or process concerns (P/FMEA). Our clients frequently participate in these events.
  • Project Forecasting ensures that what we learn, week by week, is integrated into both the schedule and the budget.

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