Expertise: Overmolding


Molding one polymer, usually an elastomer, onto another plastic part.

Our Expertise

We frequently use overmolding to bond an elastomer (synthetic rubber) to a rigid plastic substrate.  This versatile technique can provide different benefits:

  • GRIP:  Elastomers provide a lot of traction to the hand and fingers, making a knob easier to turn, or a radio less likely to be dropped.
  • IMPACT:  Sheathing corners and delicate features in rubber can dramatically increase impact (drop) performance.
  • APPEARANCE:  The “second shot” is usually a different color than the substrate.  The contrast and interplay of colors and textures provide a great tool for visual interest.
  • SAFETY:  Synthetic rubber typically won’t hold a static charge.  Devices that might be used in a Hazardous Location can benefit from this property.

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