Expertise: Fluid Dynamics & CFD


Prediction and optimization of flow; both air or liquid. Often related to electronics cooling.

Our Expertise

Fluid Dynamics is an area of Mechanical Engineering that deals with the manipulation of liquids or gasses.  The field comes up in many different Product Engineering scenarios:

  • Electronics Cooling usually requires the motion of air over hot components or over a housing.  Even “free convection” requires air to move due to heating.
  • Many Medical Devices require liquids to be  measured, conveyed, or mixed in precise volumes.
  • Many of the Instruments that Porticos has designed measure the properties of a gas or liquid by inducing flow, or by controlling and predicting it.

Much progress can be made with conventional engineering tools: calculation and testing.  But Porticos has expertise in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) which allows us to simulate complex fluidic systems.

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