The SwimSafe can tell when a child has been underwater for too long, and can alert a nearby guardian that immediate intervention is needed.  Considerate engineering design is critical to promote adoption of a new technology. This device exemplifies human-centric design and attention to both robustness and comfort.

Project Includes:

  • Wearable Electronics
  • Water Intrusion
  • Pressure Seals
  • Battery Operated Device
  • Antenna integration
  • Injection Molding
  • Overmolding
  • Two-shot molding
  • Design for Assembly
  • Design for Manufacture
  • Tolerance Analysis
  •  Wireless Electronics

Porticos Contribution

Electronics Packaging Expertise

In this case, Porticos contributed electronics packaging expertise, whereas antenna-design and electronics were managed by our client.  Porticos engineers figured out how to integrate an antenna and battery into a compact, comfortable, wearable device.

Most immersion-tests last for no more than an hour.  This device, clearly, had to be capable of more. The sealing solutions were based on an assumption of permanent immersion, and of the sorts of abuse one might expect from a child-worn device.

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