Transcend™ Smart-Core Paper Dispenser


Von Drehle Corporation collaborated with Porticos on an updated design of paper product dispensers. These new models, part of the Transcend™ line, are meant to elevate both the engineering and the aesthetics of paper product dispensing systems.

Since the 1970s, von Drehle dispensers have been known for being reliable and virtually indestructible. Recent customer feedback pointed to a need for a more streamlined, consistent look that still included von Drehle’s well-tested reliability and locking mechanisms.


When von Drehle Corporation contacted Porticos about designing and developing the new, streamlined dispensing system, Porticos was able to offer their system engineering expertise from concept ideation to production release. From initial ID sketches and requirements definition, prototype design and functional prototype testing, and all the way through to working with customer-specified suppliers, Porticos met design challenges and tight deadlines to achieve an efficient, reliable, and attractive final product.

Some of the specific design challenges included:

  • Standardizing design to support tissue and towel dimension varieties – outer diameter, inner diameter (core), and width/thickness
  • Designing center pull dispenser to fit over 10 paper towel PNs
  • Designing a jumbo twin tissue dispenser to fit 18 different tissue PNs
  • Designing mini twin and side-by-side tissue dispensers to fit 10 different tissue PNs
  • Running complex ID surface modeling to generate a modern and sleek look for all products in the Transcend™ line
  • Universal key and locking mechanisms with a tamper-resistant design
  • Furthering the modern look with a hidden hinge design


The Transcend™ by von Drehle dispenser line was made available through various distribution lines in July 2018. For more information, visit von Drehle.

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