SENSIT Gold G3 Multi-Gas Detector

Sensit Technologies


SENSIT Technologies’ gas detectors are used by utility technicians and first responders to detect toxic or combustible gasses.  They can be used to:

  • Determine whether a particular gas is present
  • Determine whether that gas is at a dangerous concentration (e.g., Lower Explosive Limit)
  • Find the source of the gas (e.g., leaking gas line)

SENSIT management envisioned a gas detector that was more capable than anything else in the marketplace; capable of detecting any of five different gasses and data-logging the results through advanced IoT connectivity.  They also looked forward to enhanced durability and ingress protection compared to other products on the market.


SENSIT’s current model and company flagship, the Gold G2, holds a dominant position in the natural gas utility market.  Though a well-accepted product, the design was due for an update to add GPS, data-logging as well as other features and functionality.


Porticos completely reimagined the assembly architecture:

  • Gooseneck connection was reinforced and redesigned.
  • Tickwheel was engineered to make it removable, easily cleaned, and perfectly waterproof.
  • The user interface was reimagined to provide better usability for gloves and better tactile and visual feedback.
  • The water-sealing and ingress protection was dramatically improved.
  • Internal “plumbing” to accommodate five separate gas sensors was made both compact and easy to assemble.
  • Many design elements enable Intrinsic Safety, from the power bus to the static-dissipative enclosure.

SENSIT proudly lauds the Gold G3 as the most capable Multi-Gas Detector in the world.

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