Safe Stretch Pro


As with professional athletes, horses require stretching routines to promote healing or to protect from injury. The human trainers that manage this physical therapy must judge how much force to apply. They are in some peril if the horse becomes startled during the session.

Equine Technology Solutions determined that an apparatus was needed to improve the experience for both the horse and the therapist.


For the safety of both horse and trainer, the stretching harness needed to include some “break away” feature that would release at a well-defined force, but be easy to snap back together to continue the session. This function protects the horse from excessive force and the therapist from a sudden jerk from a startled animal.

A second-generation product, still in development, will include an objective measurement of critical parameters like force and angle.


Porticos developed an elegant, simple, form factor, integrated a clever break-away mechanism, and developed the tools to fabricate high-fidelity, fully functional prototypes. Numerous units have been fabricated and tested, and the results are excellent.

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