Rheem Hotwave


The Rheem HotWave® is the world’s first heated hose sprayer, and its uses are endless.

  • A kinder way to rinse or bathe pets,
  • A more comfortable way to clean recreational gear and outdoor appliances,
  • A better way to get mud off your boots in cold weather.


The product design was a core challenge of the product. The HotWave relies on an outdoor electrical outlet, so the device requires several redundant features to ensure the user’s safety. The design also required careful integration of heating elements. In order to fully warm the water, the device needs to apply a lot of heat into a flow-through device that fits in the palm of your hand.

The product also required careful consideration of the cleaning performance possible with limited electrical heating power. Water moving at a lower flow rate allows more impact on the heating elements and a higher water temperature. Porticos engineers used computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to identify the right balance of the water’s flow rate with the heating application. They were also able to establish that the cleaning success relied on more than the flow rate of the water. A pulsating or oscillating pattern of water flow is more successful for cleaning at a lower flow rate.


Rheem announced the launch of the HotWave® Multipurpose Hose Sprayer in October of 2022.  It’s now available at most home-improvement stores and, of course, on Amazon

Porticos is pleased to have been part of this project, and engineers look forward to the next opportunity for a fluid-thermal engineering challenge.

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