Portray System

Surround Medical Systems


The Portray technology, by Surround Medical, deploys multiple X-ray beams to generate imaging “slices” that are then reconstructed using the company’s proprietary software to create 3D tomosynthetic and 2D synthetic images of teeth.
Surround Medical envisioned a complete dental imaging system, which includes the articulated “arm” commonly found in dentists’ offices.
Stakeholders at Surround Medical retained Porticos to devise an elegant industrial design solution and mechanical product engineering that optimizes function, user experience, and cost.


The imaging module must remain perfectly stationary while in use in order to provide clear images. At the same time, the human effort needed to move and orient that module must be kept to a minimum. This represented a tricky optimization problem between weight, spring forces, and friction in a complex spatial mechanism.

Compounding that, this medical device is intended for high-volume production and simple installation. Onsite “tuning” to achieve a good outcome is not acceptable. So the mechanical solution needed to account for manufacturing and assembly tolerances appropriate to the cost targets.


Porticos engineers utilized rigorous calculations and FEA simulations to quantify and bound the performance requirements. Deep experience with molding and sheet metal enabled a final design that exceeded expectations. The product worked exactly as intended and quickly achieved FDA 510(k) clearance as a diagnostic tool. Porticos is proud of our contribution to commercializing this revolutionary medical technology.

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