Police A/V Recorder




Porticos provided technical expertise and program management for Integrian whose A/V ensemble had to meet rigorous physical demands and accommodate end-product branding. We designed all components of the end product, including the main DVR unit, police car-mounted wireless receiver, officer-worn wireless microphone and belt clip, and a single- and multi-slot charge dock for the wireless microphone.

Engineering for Vibration and Ingress Protection

To pass the required MIL 810 vibration test, the DVR unit demanded dedicated isolation damping solutions for its 4 internal hard drives.

The unit also had to achieve an IP65 rating for water/dust ingress—a requirement complicated by a large number of non-rated connectors (USB, RJ45, SMA, etc.) needed and the need for 4 large fan units.

Porticos solved this challenge by using a “double” seal design in which high-temperature components were thermally conducted to a multitude of cooling fins in the die-cast aluminum frame. Fins were positioned in the fan air stream, while internal electronics were completely sealed from the external environment.

Balancing Ruggedness and Branding

The wireless microphone presented two significant challenges: the required IP rating and the need to accommodate Motorola branding in the end product.

To balance these needs, Porticos designed a TPE seal that functioned as both the button interface and the main seal. LED windows required for user feedback were insert-molded to prevent water/dust ingress.

Designing Lighting Components

Proper lighting can enhance the usability and perceived quality of a product. Device lighting requires collaboration among mechanical, electrical, and design disciplines. A lighting scheme must be developed that fits on the PCB, can provide the desired illumination, and lend itself to robust, economical fabrication.

At Porticos we have experience with a wide range of LED lighting solutions, including

  • Bi-color and tri-color
  • Infrared and ultraviolet
  • Laser-diodes

We select the proper component from top manufacturers such as Lumex, Dialight, and Nichia, depending on the light output requirements and the unique geometry surrounding the application.

Many LEDs can be surface-mount assemblies (SMAs), but we also have experience designing for thru-hole and other discrete applications.

Project Includes:

  • Casting
  • Concept Design
  • Injection Molding
  • Innovation
  • Machining
  • MIL-810
  • Sheet Metal
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Tolerance Analysis
  • Handheld Electronics Design

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