Mojave SWIR Camera


Quantum Imaging, a subsidiary of SCD USA, manufactures Integrated Imaging Solutions for very demanding applications including Industrial, Aerospace, and Defense.


Q.I. intended to launch the first-ever SWIR camera capable of operating continuously at an ambient temperature of 85° C / 185° F.  They needed to integrate a brand new optical sensor and offer it in a very tough and compact package.  The objectives were so challenging that they engaged Porticos for the entire mechanical design. Size and ruggedness were important optimization goals, but the biggest challenge was thermal design.  The ambient temperature is actually higher than the permissible component temperature, so very compact and efficient integration of a Thermoelectric Cooling Module was critical to success.  The entire strategy was based on free convection of a relatively small external housing, combined with perfectly optimized internal heat transfer.


All goals were achieved. The Quantum Imaging Mojave 04A-E camera is the first SWIR camera with the ability to operate at 85 C ambient. Quantum Imaging was so pleased with the outcome that Porticos has been engaged on subsequent design efforts to repeat that success.

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