Motorola (Zebra Technologies) MC45

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Motorola (now Zebra Technologies) manufactures a line of compact mobile handheld computers. Pursuing a new sector of the handheld computer market, Motorola decided to expand with a new product, the MC45. This goal required pushing the limits of size and cost without sacrificing features, function, or durability.


The balance of device thickness and battery capacity required special attention. The selected architecture resulted in limited space for the user interface elements, and this required diligent engineering to ensure consistent performance and a quality user experience.

The battery latch was engineered to require two sequential user actions (each easily performed with one hand) so that no impact or collision would accidentally eject the battery.

Environmental and abuse requirements were stringent.  Porticos engineers generated clever, cost-effective design details that allow the device to withstand extremes of temperature, immersion, shock,  and vibration to ensure years of service.


The Motorola MC45 is a mobile computer with a laser scanner and digital imager, full connectivity (cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS), all in an extremely compact form factor and durable package for use in the Asia Pacific market.  This product represents a great value, with all the features needed to allow the workforce to get the job done while meeting the price point needed in emerging markets to get the cost of ownership and return on investment they need.

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