Masimo iSirona



The Masimo iSirona is a multimodal patient monitoring and connectivity device. It connects up to six wired or wireless medical devices at the patient’s bedside and enables all patient data collected from the devices to be automatically pushed to the patient’s electronic medical record.


The iSirona is deployed in a hospital room or ICU; it must be essentially failure-proof. The device was designed to be impervious to voltage spikes, power loss, chemicals, and impacts. It must also be small, sleek, quiet, and very simple to use and maintain. After all, nurses must focus on the patient, not the technology in the room.  


Porticos designed a tough, compact, and attractive device. Clever thermal management allows for a design without the need for a potentially noisy fan, and early consideration of physical attachments makes it easy to install and work around.

The Masimo Hospital Automation platform is now deployed throughout North America and Europe, and the iSirona device is installed, unobtrusively, in hospital rooms everywhere.

Hospital Automation Platform diagram

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