Iridium Satellite Modem


The Iridium Certus 9810 is a satellite modem module. Built as a component product, it can be incorporated into numerous marine, aviation, and expeditionary products. Iridium fielded an earlier version of this module that offered some opportunities for improvement.


Iridium’s initial version of the device was rather expensive, with a disappointing percentage of devices failing factory testing. Therefore, the first order of business was to reduce manufacturing costs and improve yield.

The 9810 is rated to operate in a hot enclosure, so a robust thermal solution was needed. And, as is typically the case, there was a desire for a more physically compact and robust device.

Porticos participated in all phases of the program, including supply-chain development, vendor management, and DFM/DFA exercises. In addition, Porticos designed proprietary test equipment to prove performance.


Porticos designed the next-generation 9810 to address all those concerns, while also facilitating the integration of an improved antenna that was enabling technology for a higher data rate. The 9810 is now capable of achieving 352 x 704 Kbps data; sufficient for several channels of simultaneous voice and data.

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