Firstmark Rotary Buckle

Firstmark Aerospace


Firstmark Aerospace came to Porticos in need of an improved 5-point harness for pilot seating. Required improvements included ease of use, rapid release, ergonomic improvements, and improved industrial design to achieve extreme functional load capabilities without failure or damage.


The 5-point harness requires structural integrity in intense situations, facing loads in excess of 20g, and up to 5,000 lbs. While this was the most significant and critical challenge, the design required additional product interactions.

  • Buckle rotation clockwise or counter-clockwise must allow simultaneous release of 4 of the 5 harness straps while leaving a single strap connected to the buckle.
  • A quick-release option that can disengage only the shoulder straps, leaving the three remaining lower straps in place.
  • Interchangeable connectors and both metal and plastic rotary actuators that can allow for differently-configured versions of the buckle.



Through multiple iterations and rigorous testing, Porticos was able to achieve the required improvements and meet the intense safety standards. In addition, the multiple connectors and buckles have allowed Firstmark to offer several versions of the buckle to multiple target markets while controlling costs.

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