FiLIP Communications Device

Porticos worked with FiLIP Technology™ to develop a groundbreaking tool that will help parents keep in touch with their children. The FiLIP™ is a revolutionary communication device designed with kids in mind: it’s small and durable. It offers communication options for parents who want to stay in touch but aren’t ready to give kids access to a full-featured phone.

Project Includes:

  • Acoustic Integration
  • Injection Molding
  • Antenna Integration
  • Innovation
  • Concept Design
  • Stress Analysis Test & Verification
  • Custom Connector
  • Tolerance Analysis
  • Detail Design
  • Wireless Device
  • Industrialization
  • Wearable Electronics

Porticos Contribution

Designing Small and Simply

The Porticos team aims for innovation, and that’s exactly what this project required. The idea was to develop an easy-to-use device that could make phone calls, send emergency alerts or short messages, and share and save location-based data. All of the electronic hardware required for those services also needed to be small, portable, and—most important—child proof. The FiLIP™ weighs less than two ounces, but its rugged, water-resistant design easily fits with a kid’s lifestyle.

Communications Challenges

Technology needed to fit into a very small and durable package. Among other concerns was the long antenna required to serve multiple cell phone frequency standards. Unfortunately the antenna was too large to fit in the electronic module requiring the engineering team to get creative. Porticos, working with their hardware and software partner Connected Development, devised an innovative solution to take advantage of the volume in the wrist band by integrating the antenna into the wrist band. The result was an elegant design that utilizes insert molding and over molding processes to create the final product.

Breaking New Ground

Porticos was pleased to be a part of the development of this novel device. Their innovative ideas lead to two patents for Porticos engineers and required creative solutions such as the magnetic charging module and the overmolded electronics in wristband. The FiLIP™ broke new ground as well; it was recently named “the world’s smallest commercially available communications and location device” and “the world’s first wearable locator and phone for children.” It also won “Best Mobile Enabled Consumer Electronics Device” at the 2014 GSMA Global Mobile Awards. Of course, this difficult design work is what Porticos does best: turning good ideas into great products. The challenge took innovation, but the result is a fantastic device that meets a real need

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