Ecosense Demonstrator Unit


Ecosense Lighting provides advanced lighting solutions for commercial and public spaces. The product incorporates sophisticated, dynamic dimming functionality, necessary in spaces such as airports and retail outlets.

Ecosense recently developed a differentiating dimmer technology that allowed for simpler installation and control. In order to showcase this competitive advantage, the company asked Porticos to develop a portable “demonstrator unit” that could exhibit the product’s capability and versatility to architects, builders, and designers.


The dimmer kit had several requirements that impacted the product design.

First, the device needed to incorporate five different commercial dimmers wired to proprietary Ecosense interconnects. The demonstrator must be able to plug lighting into any of them and control the full dimming from any style of the installed dimmers.

Second, the functionality of the product allows a 110V wall plug to convey AC and DC power between combinations of power supply, dimmer, and light. Much of that wiring must be visible to the audience to demonstrate ease of installation, so the design required the wiring display to be both functional and elegant.

Finally, since the intent was for a portable product, all the requirements of the design needed to be delivered in a lightweight, durable module similar to a briefcase.


Mechanical and Electrical engineers at Porticos were able to develop a solution that met all the goals, both functional and visual.

The final design included a refined aesthetic that was simple to use and easy to understand. The demonstrator relies on a layered architecture which allows visual access to the relevant wiring, obscuring the parts that are irrelevant to the devices on display. The final product was delivered in a ruggedized enclosure, resistant to system damage from the shock and vibration experienced in portable handling.

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