Conductive Ink Demonstrator


DuPont scientists developed a truly game-changing material: a conductive ink that can be stretched.  Showing the world what this means requires a dramatic demonstration; it is an “enabling technology” that makes it possible to integrate electronics into physical shapes in a way that is really unprecedented.

Dupont asked Porticos to design, perfect, and build a dozen “demonstrator” units that would show off the potential of this technology.


Porticos’ hardware engineers worked with DuPont to define how the demo would look and how it should work, then we designed, engineered, and built it. This revolutionary ink unlocks a new set of possibilities for electronic products. Instead of traditional buttons and switches—which take up a lot of space on electronics—this conductive ink can create switches that are printed into electronics, making devices lighter and more attractive. It also cuts down on production costs and time with its precision and modernization.


Porticos designed and fabricated a prototype for review by DuPont stakeholders.  After some modest refinement, five more units were assembled and delivered. DuPont is now able to demonstrate, at any exhibition or tradeshow, exactly how transformative their new conductive ink technology is.  Porticos is proud to have contributed to an industry-changing innovation!

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