Optical Coherence Tomography System


Bioptigen (now part of Leica Microsystems) Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) systems provide ophthalmologists with a gentle, contact-free solution to quickly create real-time, high-definition 3D images of eye tissue that is easy on patients and captures the right data the first time, every time. Suitable for neonatal infants to adults, the Envisu allows detection, diagnosis, and monitoring of physiological and pathologic conditions of the eye.

Bioptigen collaborated with Porticos to create the next generation Envisu system to improve performance, user experience, styling, transportability, and serviceability, resulting in an overall product appeal befitting its status as the standard in clinical OCT.


The Bioptigen team wanted to add capabilities and flexibility that their current system did not have, as well as to maximize thermal performance and improve transportability. Porticos listened to Bioptigen’s needs, probed further to understand all the critical system elements, and proposed and iterated solutions in a series of team meetings and conversations to create the final concept.

The requested new capabilities included the ability to:

  • Remove/replace the probe from the central unit (hardwired in current system), which requires adding an optical connection without losing optical performance.
  • Optimize cooling of the high powered computing components with a positive pressure cooling system.
  • More easily transport the system either within the clinic or from clinic to clinic.
  • Provide access to all internal components with the system running for easier service.

The real challenge was in finding the best way to add all this functionality while making the new system smaller and lighter.


In the end, a modular design (separate computing, optical, probe, and cart modules) met all the needs and resulted in a product with more functionality, practicality, and appeal. Performance was maximized by a clever arrangement of the computing components to optimize cooling and by isolating the optical components. User experience was improved by allowing probes to be changed, and transport and service were improved by allowing the system “engine” to be removed from the cart.

Thanks to Porticos, Bioptigen (Leica) now has a next generation design that will allow them to remain the gold standard in clinical OCT.

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