Wearable EKG

BioMedical Systems has been providing medical data analysis and support for physicians and their patients for nearly 40 years. They saw a need for a mobile cardiac telemetry system that could take advantage of their sophisticated arrhythmia analysis software, record the data and transmit that information in real time to a group of certified cardiac technicians. To make their vision a reality, they came to Porticos and Device Solutions, one of Porticos’ partners experienced in hardware and software for wireless devices. The TruVue product was born.

Project Includes:

  • Antenna Integration
  • CE
  • Detail Design
  • Hardware Engineering
  • Industrial Design
  • Industrialization
  • Injection Molding
  • SLA
  • Software Engineering
  • Stress Analysis
  • Urethane Mold
  • Wireless Device
  • New Product Development

Porticos Contribution

Ambulatory ECG Monitoring System

The TruVue system consists of a patient-worn ECG recording device, a hand held device that receives and analyzes the information from the recording device. The hand held device then transmits the data in real time to the BioMedical Systems headquarters in St. Louis where the data is analyzed further and formatted for easy access by the physician.

Porticos and Device Solutions worked closely to optimize placement efficiency to create the smallest package possible. For both units this was especially important because power consumption requirements to support a 30 day transmission period necessitated a large battery cell. Porticos engineers created the 3D CAD data using Unigraphics software.


Bluetooth was chosen as the wireless communication protocol between the patient-worn device and the hand held device while GSM based cellular was used to transmit between the hand held and the cardiac center. In order to minimize detuning of the chip antenna in the patient-worn device, snap features were incorporated into the PC/ABS housings to limit the need for metal assembly hardware. FEA was conducted in Ansys to ensure snap features would remain secure during normal use and drop scenarios.

One of the unique features for the hand held was the keypad. In order to support the user interface and reduce confusion to the patient, the keys had to be individually backlit and at the same time isolated from the surrounding keys. In this way as the menu options changes on the display, only the keys applicable for those options would be lit. The result is deceptively simple-looking keypad that integrates mechanical and software user interface to create an intuitive and positive experience for the patient.

The Results

  • The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted Biomedical Systems 510(k) clearance to market TruVue™, a wireless ambulatory ECG monitoring system
  • TruVue is the industry’s first cardiac Mobile Telemetry system that analyzes, records and transmits every heartbeat for up to 30 days

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