New Product Development

At Porticos, we believe in our strong concept development and product innovation which we accomplish through encouraging design and product inventions with creative concepts and expert engineering strategies. As a product design and development company, we will help you:

  • Analyze the user needs by conducting Concept Generation
  • Brainstorm ideas to address the needs
  • Address usability, safety, or user acceptance challenges for your existing products
  • Ergonomic & Aesthetic Concepts
  • Rank and compare all ideas and concepts.

Innovation Isn’t A Naturally-Occurring Phenomenon

Like a plant, it requires the proper nutrients to flourish, including effective strategies and frameworks that promote divergent levels of thinking.

Porticos works with our clients when designing their products to develop a technical requirement specification supported by research into existing products and key technologies that will be required.

We do this through creative problem solving and asking questions that lead to big picture thinking.

The Human Factor



When you work with us, our engineering group works to humanize technology as expressed in our tag line “A World of Optimized Products”.

For us, it’s more than a slogan—it’s a mission to look at technology from the perspective of the person who will be using it.  Our innovative industrial design sketches are created focusing on aesthetics and ergonomics.

No matter what the product, a high-powered satellite radio or an energy-efficient clothes dryer, we understand all the technology in the world won’t solve today’s challenges unless the people using these products are taken into consideration.

Many of Porticos’ greatest success stories, and most loyal clients, have their roots in this sort of hands-on, open-minded approach.

Our Work

Check out our extensive product design and development portfolio.