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With Porticos, you’re getting a product realization partner.

We’re on board with what you’re trying to accomplish and deeply invested in why you’re doing it.

At Porticos, we have experience developing challenging products and a proven track record of innovation and

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Our Process

Our process is tuned to the client and to the project.  Each is unique. 


Every project begins with an assessment. Some clients approach Porticos with a vision for a new product, others with a sophisticated working prototype. Porticos catalogs the “knowns” and the risks. We set the starting line and define the finish line. The route between them begins to take shape.

Architecture & Concept Generation

We generate technical answers to the questions: “How can we do it?  How should we do it?”  We often consider more than one approach. Then we collaborate with you to select the one that represents the best balance of cost, risk, and performance.


Porticos identifies technical challenges, then develops a plan to address each of them. Experience or simple calculations are often sufficient;  experimentation or computer simulation may be used to de-risk specific items.

With the challenges clearly identified, budget and schedule come into clear focus. Project Managers will accurately forecast and track progress towards well-defined milestones.

Engineering Design

Once we’ve got the overall architecture defined and the technical risks addressed we dig in. Porticos engineers develop schematics, code, PCB layouts, mechanical CAD, drawings, and specifications that will define every aspect of the new product.

Porticos engineers typically generate several prototypes during this phase. The aesthetic and functional fidelity improves throughout this phase until we have a realistic device that can be shown to focus groups or investors.


The run-up to production is a busy time. Engineering specifications are being tuned to optimize cost and yield at the factory. Validation and regulatory certification are underway. Last-minute changes are being integrated.


Once production commences, Porticos will stay engaged as long as desired. Sustaining Engineering support is often needed, intermittently, for the life of the product. Component obsolescence and feature enhancements are just two of the more common triggers for Porticos to return our attention to your product.

Read more about our Production services.

Many of our clients require only a few of these activities. Others may need all of them, but only for specific engineering disciplines. 

Whatever your situation, we will work with you to determine what you need, and let you handle the things you prefer to do yourself.


Our Work

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