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Ten years ago, a small group of accomplished mechanical engineers at Sony Ericsson were drawn together by a passion for leading-edge product development. The freethinking engineers shared a vision to create a product development and design firm environment where creativity and innovation could prosper.

Porticos was born, and its open, unrestricted internal culture along with a design firm process that promoted innovative, results-oriented solutions attracted some of the world’s most prestigious clients to the 16-person firm. In their first ten years, Porticos has achieved some impressive firsts, including the first real time GPS racing device for triathletes, the first mobile cardiac telemetry system, the world’s lightest untethered active cooling garment, and the world’s smallest communications and location device. All of which begs the question: Why would an already successful design firm choose to rebrand itself?

“It’s not so much a rebranding as a re-articulation of what we’ve been doing all along,” said Porticos co-founder and president Greg Patterson. “The difference is that we’ve finally figured out how to express it to the world at large. Take our new primary messaging – Porticos delivers the technical skills, the industry knowledge and the creative vision to develop products that enhance the life experiences of people. That has always been who we are, but we just weren’t expressing it effectively to our audience.” That’s about to change, according to Patterson. “We think it’s critically important that our clients understand that everything we do is about enhancing the life experiences of people. It always comes back to people.”

Porticos rebranding

The Visual Brand – As a provider of product development and design firm services, Porticos develops products for a variety of markets including consumer, industrial, military, energy and medical. But consumer electronics, where the aesthetics of the product are as important as the engineering, is one of their specialties. Patterson says that he and his founding partners, Sean Ahr and Kevin Carpenter, recognize how important it is that every facet of the firm’s visual branding reflect a deep understanding and reverence for the role of aesthetics in its corporate mission. “Our new logo embodies what we are from a visual standpoint,” said Patterson. “The design is simpler, bolder and more functional. It represents everything we’re about. Even the typestyles we use are important. It’s about using every opportunity we have to communicate our passion for design.”

Patterson believes that the design firm rebranding will resonate with its target audience, design engineers. “They want to work with people who share their passion for design and engineering. But more than that, they want a firm with a deep understanding and dedication to solving problems for people. And there it is. It always comes back to people.”

Porticos is a mechanical engineering and design firm specializing in the development of portable electronics products including consumer, industrial, military, energy and medical. The firm was founded in 2003 and is headquartered near Research Triangle Park, in Morrisville, North Carolina. For more information visit or contact Greg Patterson at

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About Porticos


About Porticos — Porticos, Inc. is a mechanical engineering and product design development company located in Research Triangle Park, NC.

Established in 2003, Porticos continues to produce innovative and effective solutions for its clients and the markets they serve. Porticos, Inc. provides mechanical design, analysis, research, and development services to clients including Dell, Motorola, Raytheon, and many others.