Innovation and Experience: Porticos Sponsors Internet of Things Meetup

The popularity of IoT—or, the Internet of Things—isn’t difficult to understand; after all, IoT is the field of smart watches, phone-controlled homes, and t-shirts that can measure your heart rate. It’s a field brimming with innovative startups, investments from tech heavyweights, and research in medical, military, industry, and consumer applications.

As an engineering firm helping companies meet product-design goals in those same fields, Porticos proudly sponsors NC RIoT, our state’s IoT think tank.

NC RIoTThe NC Regional Internet of Things, or as it’s better known, NC RIoT, is one of NC’s largest meetup groups. Hundreds attended last month’s RIoT IX event, which asked asked RIoTers, “If you had $10M to invest in IoT, where would you invest?” Keynote speaker Daniel Chu of Verizon Ventures was on hand with his answer, describing his organization’s investment approach when funding IoT companies.


Porticos at NC RIoT
As a Title Sponsor for RIoT, Porticos appreciated RIoT IX’s focus on funding for IoT. Our product design and development firm has experience bringing product ideas to life and could help bring the next great IoT product to market.

“The power of Porticos’ sponsorship goes beyond their investment,” said Larry Steffann, General Manager of the Wireless Research Center and co-founder of NC RIoT. “It’s true that we couldn’t do what we do without our sponsors’ monetary support, but we also need expertise. RIoTers can look to the team at Porticos for examples of successful product design, for case studies about testing and verification, and for guidance on how to grow ideas into manufactured products.”

NC RIoT found a home in our area for the same reason that Porticos decided to open in the RTP: local talent. Porticos’ team of engineers have undergraduate and advanced degrees in mechanical, aerospace, and quality engineering, plus experience across industries—making our team uniquely qualified for any product development challenge. The Raleigh area is similarly unique; with major names in higher education, medical research, and tech, our area is poised to foster the research need and opportunity of IoT.

“Porticos is excited to be a new partner and sponsor of the RIoT phenomenon,” said Porticos CTO Kevin Carpenter. “RIoT isn’t just about building our local skills and connections. It’s about encouraging other companies to relocate to this area, because Raleigh is where real IoT gets done. This is where you go to find the expertise. This is where you go to take that next step and actually develop a product.”

Both Porticos and NC RIoT benefit from the talent and opportunity in our unique area, and NC RIoT is helping more and more companies learn that Raleigh is where IoT is happening.

We also have a similar focus on innovation. NC RIoT’s mission is to harness the power of IoT and turn that energy into opportunity for our region. Similarly, Porticos works to harness the power of good ideas and to develop innovative solutions that bring products to market effectively. Whether we are working with a customer on research and ideation, concept development, prototyping, testing and verification, or manufacturing support, we innovate at every stage of the product development process.

Like NC RIoT, openness to new ideas is at our core. We hope to see you at a future RIoT event. Check out their schedule at, and make sure to stop by our booth to learn why Porticos is product design for the way we’re designed.

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