Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We get many questions about product development services and processes. Some of the ones we hear most often are answered below.

If you have questions  that are not covered here please contact us.

No. In fact, it is often preferable that patents be filed after we complete concept development, refinement, and prototyping work. This allows for better protection and longevity in your patent filing. It also allows our engineers to provide good-quality drawings to your patent attorney.

Absolutely. A large percentage of our time is spent helping launch new ventures, creating new products, and refining strategy for smaller entities. Many of our clients are firms with less than ten employees.

Each project is unique. It’s not uncommon to start with a Time & Materials arrangement to define and de-risk the technical approach. Often, we can transition to a Fixed Cost contract for execution and launch.

You will own the final design, all documentation, and every bit of information that is produced along the way. Computer files (CAD, schematics, etc.) will be provided to you whenever you ask, along with all prototypes.

The best way to control costs is to minimize “scope creep.” Adding features or deliverables when the project is almost finished can be expensive. Beyond that, some tasks can be handled just as efficiently by you. We’ll help you to identify those.

Porticos takes intellectual property very seriously. We even devoted an entire chapter to it in The Business of Ideas. When you work with Porticos, any intellectual property we develop automatically and immediately belongs to you. Regardless of who developed it, we keep it confidential. We insist on having a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement that protects our clients’ interests.

Yes. Most projects are executed in phases, and those phases are invoiced monthly. We can, and do, predict what your monthly expense will be.

Porticos has a close relationship with Porticos Asia, who provides sourcing, contract manufacturing, testing, packaging, and logistics. We are able to shepherd your project from concept through volume production by leveraging that relationship.

Technical Risk
Some products rely on core technology that is not fully proven in the application. Allow Porticos to perform an Engineering Investigation in order to de-risk subsequent phases of work.

Market Risk
Sometimes the market just doesn’t respond as you hoped they would. Ask Porticos to provide a high-fidelity prototype early in the project. That can be used to gauge market interest (e.g., focus groups) before committing to the expense of a product launch.

We insist on it. Please contact us and request our standard NDA, or provide your own and we’ll review it.

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