Engineering Investigation

Product Engineering inevitably leads to critically important questions, like:

  • Will the proposed technical approach perform as expected?
  • What are the limits of performance?
  • How compact can a device be made?
  • What is needed to achieve regulatory compliance?
  • Why are existing products experiencing field-failure?
  • What can be done to cost-reduce existing products?

Investigations exist to provide answers. Porticos engineers apply several tools to generate evidence-based results that will inform and support our clients’ business plans: Analysis, Simulation, and Experimentation.


Classical methods of calculation have been the foundation of engineering science for centuries. Porticos engineers apply cross-disciplinary knowledge and deep experience to predict the performance of electrical, thermal, fluidic, and kinematic systems; among many others. We work collaboratively with our clients to leverage their own knowledge and provide results in which they can have confidence.



Computer Aided Engineering makes it possible to predict the behavior of systems that don’t lend themselves to classical methods. Structural performance, vibration, thermal and fluid systems can be predicted and refined using Finite Element Analysis and Computation Fluid Dynamics.


Often, the best tool to generate answers (and confidence) is hands-on experimentation. Experience and intuition can inform carefully-designed experiments that will confirm a hypothesis or, sometimes, generate promising new paths for exploration.

Many of Porticos’ greatest success stories, and most loyal clients, have their roots in this sort of hands-on, open-minded approach.

Product Development

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