Dent Prevent in Production – Joint Project with Porticos and Porticos Asia

The Porticos US team recently partnered with entrepreneur Mike Ardrey, the inventor of the Dent Prevent magnetic door guard that protects cars from bumps and scratches. After working with Mike to support the product’s design, Porticos US and Mike worked directly with Porticos Asia to consider the supply chain, material cost, and manufacturing.

Dent Prevent is now in production, thanks to high-quality manufacturing support from Porticos Asia.

“Porticos Asia is proud to be manufacturing Dent Prevent. We will be shipping the first batch this quarter and have multiple shipments scheduled through first quarter 2019,” said Porticos Asia President Sam Ribet.

“We enjoyed working with Mike on the design of the Dent Prevent product, and we appreciate this chance to partner with Porticos Asia for high-quality manufacturing,” said Porticos US Chief Technology Officer Kevin Carpenter.

Porticos and consumer product design support through Dent Prevent

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