What Is Mechanical Design And Its Steps

Mechanical Design Mechanical design is one of the mechanical engineering principles which describe the foundations for the operation of mechanical systems. To learn more about these principles read this article. This generally involves developing procedures to move a concept from idea to reality, including sketches, technical drawings, 3D models, compliance with norms and standards, among […]

7 Stages of New Product Development Process

work in process

What is a Product Development Process? A Product Development Process refers to the entire range of activities where a company conceptualizes and realizes a new offering. An outcome concept might originate in the marketplace, or in a lab or workspace, or in the so-called fuzzy front end. Ideas come from customer requirements, too. New product […]

Important Strategies to Consider During Electronics Packaging Design

Electronics Packaging Design: Major Disciplines Electronics packaging is one of the major disciplines in the field of mechanical engineering and it incorporates many engineering subdisciplines including thermoelectric cooling and thermal design. To create a well-crafted design for electronics packaging, it is vital for engineers in handheld electronics design companies to consider a broad range of […]

Porticos Creates Dell Convertible Computer Concepts

Dell Convertible Computer Concepts Dell convertible, a longtime leader in technology and the fast production of hardware and software that provide quality products for businesses and consumers alike, recently sought ideation and creative brainstorming for a new project. This project aimed to generate multiple computer concepts for a convertible-type computing device that would be larger […]

Porticos Nuclear Medical Device Designs

Different Designs Of Nuclear Medical Device Radioactive medicines and dyes, which enable PET scanning and other modern diagnostic methods, are created by placing an organic substance in front of a particle accelerator and irradiating the substance. Then, this allows the person analyzing the data provided during this process to be able to properly view and […]

DuPont Conductive Ink Product Design

Conductive Ink DuPont Electronics & Imaging, a technology company that brings technology-driven solutions around the world have created conductive ink that can be thermoformed, and they partnered with Porticos, a product design, and product development engineering consulting firm in Morrisville, NC to create a demo to showcase how it works. Porticos’ hardware engineers worked with […]

Porticos Produces Rugged Pistol Grip Design

Rugged Pistol Grip: Porticos Porticos, a product design and product development engineering consulting firm in Morrisville, NC, continues to revolutionize the world of hardware engineering and innovative technology development. One of Porticos’ most innovative projects to date is their involvement in the development of a rugged pistol grip. Symbol Technologies, an American manufacturer and worldwide supplier […]

Porticos Engineers Rugged Laptop Designs

Porticos’ Computer Developer: Rugged Laptop Dell, a popular developer of computers, rugged laptops, and other innovative technology, wanted to develop a ruggedized variant of a product from their rugged laptop computer line. They turned to Porticos, a product design and product development engineering consulting firm in Morrisville, NC, for their expertise in this area. Latitude ATG […]

The Smallest BioMedical System

Product Development: Smallest BioMedical System Porticos and Device Solutions worked closely to optimize placement efficiency to create the smallest BioMedical system package possible. This was especially important for both units because power consumption needs to support a 30-day transmission period, which is provided by a large battery cell. Ambulatory ECG Monitoring System Product Development BioMedical […]

Porticos Develops RFID Reader

RFID Reader: Porticos Product Development Porticos, a product design and product development engineering consulting firm in Morrisville, NC, has developed many products for the Spirit—currently owned by 3M—portfolio. The RFID reader unit displayed is a good example of the type of products Porticos’ hardware engineers are not only capable of conceptualizing but producing. Product Design […]